Sansevieria Fernwood Snake

All houseplants are PRE-ORDER items *for in-store or curbside pickup only* with the exception of Tillandsia varieties (Air Plants).

If you're seeking a no-fuss, beginner friendly houseplant, you're in luck! Snake Plants, or Sansevieria, are very forgiving, and tolerate low to bright indirect light. Pick a spot that stays above 50 degrees, and allow the top few inches of soil to dry out between watering. That's about all that's required to enjoy your Snake Plant's handsome, sword-shaped leaves for years to come! We love this cultivar for it's beautiful marbled pattern, but often offer varieties with yellow variegated patterns. Please drop us a note if you have a preference.

* Plant comes in a 4" diameter plastic pot.
* See our Ceramic Planter Selection!

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