Pilea Peperomioides

All houseplants are PRE-ORDER items *for in-store or curbside pickup only* with the exception of Tillandsia varieties (Air Plants).

Does she look familiar? Pilea Peperomioides is the trendy plant that's on every interior designer's Instagram. Until recently, they were impossibly hard to find! With cute coin-shaped leaves, this plant has earned the nickname Chinese Money Plant, Pancake Plant, and UFO Plant, to name a few. Place your plant in a bright spot (no direct light, though, please!) and water only when top few inches of soil feel dry to the touch...We like to look for a little leaf droop before giving our Pilea plants a drink. Chinese Money Plants can tend to lean towards the light, so we suggest rotating your plant regularly to keep it's spine upright!

* Plant comes in a 4" diameter plastic pot.
* See our Ceramic Planter Selection!

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