Ponytail Palm

All houseplants are PRE-ORDER items *for in-store or curbside pickup only* with the exception of Tillandsia varieties (Air Plants).

This stocky little tree is reminiscent of high ponytails from the 80s and makes a fun addition to a home or office. A relative of the agave family, ponytail palms prefer conditions similar to succulents. They love bright sunlight - a little bit of direct is OK - and infrequent watering. Let their soil dry out completely before you water, and if you plant to repot, be sure to choose a tight-fitting container with excellent drainage. These houseplants usually max out at three feet, but we have customer who have grown Ponytail Palms that are taller than five feet!

* Plant comes in a 4" diameter plastic pot. Please see our ceramic pot options!

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