Wax Vine - Hoya Linearis

**Rare Plant ALERT** One plant available for Curbside pickup ASAP!

Trend alert! This week we've sourced a gorgeous, hard-to-find gorgeous specimen that's not to be missed. Found in the Himalayas, Hoya Linearis behaves like a epiphyte in its native environment, and can be found dangling from high-altitude trees like its distant cousin, Spanish Moss. As a houseplant, care for your wax vine as you would for any succulent, and choose a brightly lit spot. These plants demand good drainage with soil on the dry side: allow your plant's soil to dry out completely before giving it any water. We recommend sticking your finger in the soil and picking up the planter to assess if it feel light as an indication. Keep your Hoya Linearis in a tight pot. You'll know your wax vine is very happy if it produce small, white, lemon-scented flowers!

* Plant comes in a 8" diameter plastic pot with hanger.

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