Bella Parlor Palm

All houseplants are PRE-ORDER items *for in-store or curbside pickup only* with the exception of Tillandsia varieties (Air Plants).

Looking for low maintenance houseplant that's pet friendly and fun to touch? How about a Parlor Palm? This textural "plant" is actually a clump of many individual plants that resemble a shrub when grown close together! Parlor Palms do best in bright, indirect light (think north-facing window) with even moisture. It's better to underwater than to overwater your plant to star; If your plants leaves start to yellow, give it water a bit more frequently. While they can tolerate cooler temperatures, please don't leave your Parlor Palm in an unheated room with a temperature below 50 degrees! The petite Bella variety is more compact than other Parlor Palms, and grows to about 3' tall.

* Plant comes in a 4" diameter plastic pot.
* See our Ceramic Planter Selection!

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