Pollux Reflection Signet

The son of Zeus, Pollux famously asked his father to be immortalized with his mortal twin brother Castor so they would always be together. They were transformed into the constellation Gemini and split their time between the heaven and earth. You may also experience a parting of time and space when you behold this stunning (and comfortable!) ring.

Each piece in the Atelier Narcé collection is one of a kind, and are they ever! This motif is hand-crafted based on pieces of art of the classical antiquity. Carved from wax and cast in solid 14k yellow gold, this ring is a timeless statement.

* 14K yellow gold and 0.6ct rosecut salt + pepper diamonds
* Size 7.25
* Please contact us to discuss sizing this one of a kind ring

-Atelier Narcé

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