Mist - Sacred Space

The act of 'smudging', the burning of sacred aromatic herbs, is a cleansing ritual that has been practiced by humans since ancient times. These sacred plants are believed to help dispel unwanted energies and encourage healing. The herbs, essential oils, and flower essences in this mist are among those believed to aid in spiritual cleansing, grounding, and energetic renewal and protection. Perfect for those who are sensitive to smoke, or for use in any space where smoke may not be appropriate.

Contains: rose petal and holy basil hydrosol,  witch hazel distillate, water, extracts of palo santo, white sage, yarrow, and sagebrush; essential oils of eucalyptus, palo santo, white sage, balsam fir, frankincense, holy basil, and garden sage; and flower essences of holy basil, yarrow, and sagebrush

* 2 oz/60 mL
* Mist anywhere to ground, clear, & renew energies
* Made in Taos, NM

- Plantfolk Apothecary

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