The Sill and the Benefits of Plants

December 21, 2015

The Sill and the Benefits of Plants

photo courtesy of The Sill

The Sill Storefront, image by Sarah Ratner

Nestled in the corner of New York City's Chinatown and Lower East Side, there is a shop that just may bring a little heaven to where you dwell — The Sill. We fell in love with them during a quick jaunt to the city. There, we brought back several small handmade planters in hopes that our plants and friends would covet them as much as we did.

Turns out — they did.

photo courtesy Mennlay Aggrey for KESTREL shopSucculents and dwarf palm in Triangular Planters shown in black and white at Kestrel shop in Northampton

photo courtesy Mennlay Aggrey for KESTREL shop

Livingstone succulent in Triangular Planters shown in black at Kestrel shop in Northampton

The Benefits of House Plants

More than just a trend, plant design is a new wave in what one could call a 'green renaissance'. Today, it is common knowledge that plants are known to increase our health in various ways emotionally, spiritually, and physically. There is a strong relationship between plants and happiness. They help us work better, boost the process of healing the sick, they release oxygen to help us breath better, and they are beautiful.

photo courtesy Mennlay Aggrey at KESTREL shop

Kestrel shop window plant section with planters and wall bubble aeriums in Northampton
Having a relationship with plants is one of the most symbiotic unions we have as humans. Their ability to filter harmful elements in the air, while downright making a home, office, or man-cave a lot more welcoming is nothing short of magic. Basically what we're saying, if you haven't noticed already, is that we are huge fans of plants!

We always keep the Kestrel shop fully stocked with healthy air-plants, succulents, and terrariums planted in various beautiful ceramics from The Sill. We were lucky to catch owner and founder Eliza Blank to talk about all things plants. Check out the interview below the jump.

photo courtesy of The SillThe Sill Ladies; Left to right: Erin Marino, Eliza Blank and Sarina Photo by Sarah Ratner  

Interview with The Sill

Q. What was is like growing up in rural Massachusetts?

A. There's something really special about growing up in a small town. And Northampton in particular is special all on its own. Growing up in Northampton, I had the benefit of a small community, continuity with friends transitioning from the same Middle School to High School, and accessibility to the outdoors and rural towns nearby. At the same time, the surrounding universities brought diversity, art, and culture within reach - and ultimately the connection Northampton maintains with "the outside world" is what inspired me to move to New York City.

Q. What is your favorite plant species and why?

A. I love all philodendrons - known for big green heart-shaped leaves. What more do you want.

Q. How do you help establish healthy relationships between humans and plants?

A. We like to connect people to plants that are well suited to their lifestyle - travel a lot? Get a cactus. Want to nurture something? Get a fern. Often we see the human/plant connection fail simply because the relationship wasn't set up for success. We like walking people through the process of choosing the right plants for a long lasting, happy, and rewarding relationship!

photo courtesy

The new Tillandz airplant holder shown in powder coated pink, orange and yellow, image courtesy of The Sill

Q. What was the most recent discovery about botany that not everyone may know?

A. Recently we've started to change our tune at The Sill - to really emphasize the health benefits of keeping plants indoors. It's so important when you live in a city to consider the ill effects that city-living can have on your well-being. And moreover, it's fascinating to consider how a little thing like keeping plants nearby can help to reduce or even reverse negative symptoms of city life. I feel like I'm learning new things every day - even still!

Q. We are obsessed with that new Low Line exhibit off of the Essex Delancy metro stop — have you seen it?! How do you think it plays a role in bringing more green into our future?

A. I'm just glad that indoor plants aren't getting lost as a priority for healthy living. The Low Line Lab is an incredible display of how we can incorporate more plants into our daily lives. I highly recommend people go see it for themselves.

Q. It feels like we’re now entering a green utopia — or at least on the brink of one. Do you have any thoughts on that?

A. Bring it on!

To check The Sill's newest plant holders and accessories, take a peek at out our sweet stash of ceramics and garden supplies here.

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