5 Ways to Show Self-Love for Valentines Day

February 04, 2016

5 Ways to Show Self-Love for Valentines Day

We’re taught by society that our worth is found in the idols of our culture — status, youth, power, money, attractiveness, and romantic relationships. At times, that can get in the way of us being able to see our worth to ourself and others. As it turns out, being kind and loving to ourselves in everyday life helps to establish better relationships with others.

As we approach Valentines Day, a day to honor love and the ones we care about, we are shifting things a bit. This time, we want to use that same energy for loving others to be turned inwards. Regardless of what self-love means to you, here are a few ways we personally like to practice loving ourselves.


1. Draw A Bath

Isn't it amazing how wonderful you feel after a long hot relaxing bath? It's almost ritualistic in a sense; you draw the bath setting it to the right temperature with your favorite salts or bubbles. Maybe you grab a good book, turn on some music, or pour yourself a glass of wine. This practice itself is a great place to stat when taking the time out for a ritual for self retreat and self-love. This time alone allows us to truly connect to our purest essence.  

2. Find Your Spiritual Center


One might say that a large part of spirituality could be described as learning to let go. What is letting go to you? Is it letting go of control and embracing a particular school of thought — your destiny? Perhaps it's feeling more in balance with who you are through astrology, tarot, meditation, or prayer. No matter your path to finding your center, making a conscious effort to a center might be very beneficial to your spiritual health. 

3. Buy Yourself Something Special


Whether it's flowers, chocolate, a book, or a piece of jewelry, one should treat themselves from time-to-time. Of course, there is a massive difference between being a shopaholic and treating yourself. Sometimes, we might feel that we should be spending this time with our children, family, or use these resources on our homes, partners or other investments. But the fact is, treating ourselves can lift our spirits, renew our energy and clear our minds. This simple gesture to ourself might just be what we need to lift our spirits and put us at ease.


4. Explore Your Hobbies


Get creative and express yourself through your favorite hobbies. Painting, writing, gardening, sculpting, building, music, whatever you're the most drawn to. But it is important to leave our inner critics at the door while doing these things. True expression is immensely therapeutic when done with authenticity and freedom.

5. Be Gentle With Yourself 


Self-love is ever evolving and needs to be practiced daily. It can be as simple as shifting the way we think about ourself. Choosing to be kinder towards others can overtime organically help us become kinder and more understanding towards ourselves. Being more still and more gentle can lead to less stress. And we all know that less stress leads to happier, healthier and more rewarding lives.

There’s only one person in the world you’ll always have a relationship with, and that’s yourself. You are smart, powerful, beautiful and right where we need to be —Wishing you an enriching and loving Valentine's Day.

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