1 oz flower and gem essence formula

A flower and gem essence formula that encourages healthy boundaries & nurtures a connection to Earth. The consistent use of technology can overwhelm our spirits and leave us feeling disconnected from our bodies and the Earth. This is a vibrational remedy to protect our energies from this technological chaos. Yarrow essence is creating an energetic shield from unwanted energies. Essence of Chaparral allows us to cleanse psychic toxicity from our bodies, especially through dream work. Because our bodies are often objectified or exploited, the addition of Manzanita essence invites us to honor the spirit of the physical body. The essence of Tobacco helps us to connect to the earth through the heart chakra; encouraging connection to our deepest feelings in order to fully ground and be peaceful on this planet. Lady’s Slipper flower essence connects our spiritual work into our physical work in the world. Rose Quartz is the stone of love, healing heart wounds and releasing tension. Lastly, Amethyst is a stone of protection. The essence clears our energetic fields from negative influences and attachments.

* Ingredients: Essences of Tobacco, Manzanita, Yarrow, Chaparral, Lady's Slipper, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz in a rose and honey infused brandy
* 3-13 drops 3x/day taken on the tongue, in a glass of water, in your bath, or on your pillow
* Handmade in Oakland, CA

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