Gracie Cat

Gracie Cat is the sweetest feline friend for your little one! From Hazel Village:

"If you ask Gracie what her favorite activity is, she will tell you: fishing. She has loved it ever since she was a kitten. She says on a good afternoon, she can catch a dozen minnows. When she has enough she takes her fish to Owen Fox’s house, and the animals have a fish fry. Although some of them eat only salad. Gracie says that is fine; more fish for her. She wants to remind you she sticks her feet in the pond all the time - you shouldn’t believe what you hear about cats hating water. Gracie's dress is made from a soft Liberty of London combed cotton, with a delightful, colorful "sweet rose" print. It has a velcro closure in back."

* Made from organic cotton fleece, cotton plaid, and washable polyfill
* Removable cotton outfit - hand wash and air dry
* 14" tall (from toes to ears)
* Handmade in Brooklyn, NY

- Hazel Village