Annicke Mouse

Annicke Mouse is the sweetest friend for your little one! From Hazel Village:

"Annicke likes to wake up really early and search the meadow for new mushrooms. Unlike a human, she can tell by scent whether they are poisonous or delicious. She picks a bunch and leaves them on Ella Toad's doorstep, then goes about her business. Then, when Ella wakes up around noon she makes a delicious mushroom omelet, which is Annicke's lunch and Ella's breakfast. Annicke comes wearing a cream-colored cotton blouse, an floral-print cotton skirt, and a little olive green cotton bonnet."

* Made from organic cotton fleece, cotton striped fabric, and washable polyfill
* Removable cotton outfit - hand wash and air dry
* 14" tall (from top to toes)
* Handmade in Brooklyn, NY

- Hazel Village