Anima Perfume Oil

A truly natural perfume oil inspired by the spice markets of Morocco. Layers of heady exotic aromas, ground themselves in the earthly warmth of vetiver, with a long lasting finish of sensuality given by the Persian amber attar. Honoring the elegance & alchemy of ancient attars, this perfume emerges from pure essential oils & absolutes. 

Top Notes:  Nutmeg
Heart Notes:  Coriander, vanilla, allspice
Base Notes:  Vetiver, Persian amber attar

* Ingredients: Organic jojoba, Organic vetiver, Pure botanical coriander, Organic nutmeg, Pure botanical vanilla, Pure botanical allspice, Persian amber attar
* Blended in small batches from ethically sourced & sustainably harvested botanicals
* Handmade in Boston, MA

- Noat

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