Stumpy Money Tree

All houseplants are PRE-ORDER items *for in-store or curbside pickup only* with the exception of Tillandsia varieties (Air Plants).

Symbolizing luck and prosperity (and associated with feng shui), this plant is a favorite choice to gift. The 5-pointed leaves are thought to represent the five elements of earth, water, fire, wind, and metal. The "braided" variety can frequently be found in our brick and mortar shop, but this week we've sourced a unique variety with a thick, stalky trunk. It's got a lot of character! Money trees are fairly easy to care for...Place your plant in a warm room (65-75 degrees) with moderate indirect light, and water it when the top few inches of soil dry out so your plants roots do not rot. Should you decide to re-pot your plant, choose a container with good drainage, and consider placing your plant on a pebble tray to increase humidity.

* Plant comes in a 4" diameter plastic pot.
* See our Ceramic Planter Selection!

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